Part I: Kimball Hospital and Tanner Medical Center Merger Report

Read the case study “Hospital Consolidation,” pages 1–5, from Healthcare Marketing: A Case Study Approach (Cellucci, Wiggens, & Farnsworth, 2014).

You are Dallin Call, chief executive officer (CEO) and chief marketing manager of Kimball Hospital. You have considered all of the factors, and it is time to make a recommendation regarding a merger of Kimball Hospital with its chief rival, Tanner Medical Center.

Create a 7-page report to present to the Kimball community-based board that addresses the following:

1.  Explain the potential long-term impacts of a merger on the following stakeholders. Analyze issues, such as access, cost, and quality, and what concerns each of the following stakeholder groups might have regarding consolidation.

o  Patients

o  The public

o  Physicians

o  Payers

2.  Analyze the potential impacts of a merger on Kimball Hospital and Great Western Hospital Corporation (GWHC). Explain the impact of this merger in a way that the Kimball community-based board can understand.

3.  Recommend strategies to balance organizational and community interests as you make the important decision of whether or not to merge with Tanner Medical Center.

4.  Justify whether you would or would not recommend the merger. Use information about industry issues and trends to inform your explanation. In addition, explain how the Kimball Hospital mission, vision, and strategic plan would influence your recommendation.

Part II: Community Medical Center Presentation

Read the case study “Market Management,” pages 55–63, from Healthcare Marketing: A Case Study Approach (Cellucci, Wiggens, & Farnsworth, 2014).

You are Lindsey Chadwick, director of strategic planning and marketing at Community Medical Centers (CMC), a large healthcare organization in central California. You have been tasked with updating the CMC marketing plan in response to important changes in the local and regional markets. Your assistant, Rachel, has taken the first step in performing an environmental assessment.

Based on Rachel’s environmental assessment, create a 15-slide presentation with extensive notes for CMC’s board of directors that includes the following:

1.  Present an analysis of CMC’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (a SWOT analysis).

2.  Present findings from the situational analysis that include an overview of the most critical issues facing CMC in regard to its physicians, payers, patients, and public customers.

3.  Present a market strategy. Identify the target market for increasing services at CMC and how you propose to reach this market.

4.  Present a detailed plan for promoting CMC’s services to existing and new patients using four different marketing techniques.

Part III: Palomar Heart Hospital Report

Read the case study “Palomar Heart Hospital,” pages 123–127, from Healthcare Marketing: A Case Study Approach (Cellucci, Wiggens, & Farnsworth, 2014).

You are the director of marketing at Palomar Heart Hospital (PHH). Russell Taylor, Lincoln Healthcare System’s new executive vice president and chief operating officer, has called you in for a meeting as he begins the strategic planning process to turn PHH’s dismal financial performance around. Russell has tasked you with updating some aspects of PHH’s marketing plan.

Create a 7-page report that addresses the following requests from Russell:

1.  Describe the marketing techniques you would employ to raise the profile of PHH in the community and increase patient volume. Name two mass-marketing techniques and two target-marketing techniques you would use in this scenario.

2.  Recommend at least two marketing techniques you would use to market PHH to payers to increase the proportion of the population able to access PHH’s services.

3.  Recommend at least two ways you would utilize social media to drive new business at PHH.

4.  Explain whether PHH should amend its mission, vision, and/or scope of services offered. Explain the organizational and marketplace realities that justify your decision.

Park IV: Intermountain Healthcare Presentation

Read the case study “Intermountain Healthcare,” pages 161–173, from Healthcare Marketing: A Case Study Approach(Cellucci, Wiggens, & Farnsworth, 2014).

You are the new director of marketing for Intermountain Healthcare and are working with the entire marketing department to update the organization’s marketing plan. To kick off the project, you have been tasked with presenting an overview and analysis of Intermountain’s current marketing operations and opportunities.

Create a 12-slide presentation with extensive notes for an internal retreat with the Intermountain marketing department.

1.  Illustrate Intermountain’s engagement with each of its customers (patients, the public, physicians, and payers) in pursuit of its organizational mission and vision.

2.  Illustrate Intermountain’s three most significant strategic advantages. Explain how they could be utilized in the new marketing plan to advance the organization’s mission.

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