Word Count: Approx. 1,500

This is an individual assignment that requires you to design an ORIGINAL tourism/event or hospitality facility.  Choose from one of the following categories:

  • a theme park, zoo, or cultural attraction
  • a museum, art gallery or historic building
  • a resort, health spa, hotel/casino complex (NOT A GYM)
  • an entertainment complex


  1. Introduce the facility (approx. 500 words):
  • an overview of the design concept
  • background information about the location of your facility and its surroundings

b) Target Market & motivation (1,000 words)

In this section you should identify 1 distinct market segment that you feel will be particularly attracted to the facility that you are proposing:

  • What are their characteristics?
  • What are their likely motives for visiting your site?
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