Read the case, watch the video, and answer the following questions. ANSWER EACH QUESTION SEPARATELY.

1- Based on the video case history materials, what factors do you think have contributed to making Oreo the #1 cookie in the world? What has the brand been doing to appeal to consumers across different cultures?

2- Describe some of the ways that Oreo cookies are promoted in different countries based on the video case.

3- Describe how, and explain why Oreo cookies are co-branded with different brands from their brand portfolio across the globe according to the video case.


1- OREO cookies are co-branded with different brands from their corporate brand portfolio to maintain the trust of its customers. For example, in China, OREO co-brands with Kraft because it is a trusted name in the Chinese market. In Canada, on the other hand, consumers are more affiliated with the Mr. Christie brand. That is why OREO associated with this brand to produce its cookies.

2- Across all borders, the oreo has been able to appeal to everyone due to its unique flavor. Factors other than the flavor is also so the experience of the oreo. It has a cookie and cream filling that makes it a fun eating experience. In order to appeal to different cultures in each country, the Oreo has to be adjusted in terms of product, packaging, and promotion. Sometimes these things have to be changed in order to appeal to the taste and expectation of the culture.  All of these adjustments along with the taste has made the Oreo the #1 cookie in the world.


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