Materialism Impact U.S. economy – Materialists’ Lifestyle Research Paper

  1. locate and evaluate sources, through library research, and integrate research through appropriate citation and quotation;
  2. present effective arguments that use a full range of legitimate rhetorical and logical strategies to articulate and explain their positions on complex issues in dialogue with other points of view;
  3. locate, interpret, evaluate, and synthesize evidence in a comprehensive way in support of your ideas;
  4. identify and critically evaluate the assumptions in and the context of an argument;
  5. distinguish and convey inductive and deductive patterns as appropriate, sequencing arguments and evidence logically to draw valid conclusions and articulate related outcomes (implications and consequences).


Points Possible

Points Earned

Title – Clear and short – reflects research question.



  • Tells a story of the current research on the topic
  • Presents the research in chronological order.
  • Presents ONLY research (no opinions, claims, or arguments.
  • What is the current stance of the research on this topic?
  • Connects the research from different source.



  • Describes your data collection method
  • Why did you use that method.
  • Who did you distribute your survey to/ collect data from?
  • How did you distribute


Results: Summarize your data.

  • What did you discover
  • STAY NEUTRAL – only reporting on what the data says.


MLA format bibliography at the end:

  • Credible sources
  • Single Spaced
  • Hanging Indentation
  • Alphabetical order
  • Space between each entry



  • Copy of survey at the end.



  • Paper is organized into paragraphs with headings
  • MLA citations
  • No long quotes


Grammar and Punctuation:

  • Spell Check!
  • proofread
  • Appropriate sentence length – a variety of lengths used.
  • Academic Language
  • Double Spaced
  • 3000 Word MAX




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