math due today in hour

RespondYou are going to create a graph of a rational function based on your birth month and birth day. It will be helpful for you to complete this week’s reading and online lesson prior to attempting to create your graph.In graphing a rational function, we note that vertical and horizontal asymptotes (opens in a new window) provide nice guidelines for drawing the graph.Using (opens in a new window), create a graph of a rational function by following the steps below. To learn how to graph an equation using Desmos, please refer to the Desmos Helps at the bottom of the forum page.Create a rational function of the form y=1x−h+ky=1x−h+k, where hh represents your birth month and k represents your birth day. If your birthday is March 12, for example, then hh is 3 and kk is 12, and your rational function would be y=1x−3+12.y=1x−3+12.State the domain of your function. You may use either interval notation or inequality notation in stating the domain and range.Upload a picture and the link of your Desmos graph as your discussion post, and include the domain of your function below the image.

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