ME – Main – Week 2 – Homework 1 & 2

Homework 1  – This should be separate documentwrite below to answer in 1 page based on the attached textbook with APA . Add a subheading like Questions and answer the below questions:Write your own description of what the term information systems hardware means.What has lead to the shift toward mobility in computing?What is the impact of Moore’s Law on the various hardware components described in this chapter?Write a one page summary of one of the items linked to in the “Integrated Computing” section.Explain why the personal computer is now considered a commodity.The CPU can also be thought of as the _____________ of the computer.List the units of measure for data storage in increasing order from smallest to largest, kilobyte to yottabyte.What is the bus of a computer?Name two differences between RAM and a hard disk.What are the advantages of solid-state drives over hard disks?Add a subheading like Exercise and answer the below question:Exercise 2: Re-read the section on IoT, then find at least two scholarly articles about IoT. Prepare a minimum of three slides that address issues related to IoT. Be sure to give attribution to your sources.Add a subheading like Lab and answer the below question:Lab 2:  Re-read the section on IoT, then look around your building (dorm, apartment, or house) and make a list of possible instances of IoTs. Be sure to list their location and likely function.Link for Above questions, Exercise and lab: 2  – This should be a separate documentChapter 2 – Note why the IT organizational structure is an important concept to understand.  Also, note the role of IT in the overall business strategy.(Information Technology and Organizational Learning Textbook) Fins attached Text BookThe above submission should be one page in length and adhere to APA formatting standards.**Remember the page length does not include the APA cover page or any references**Both Homework 1 & 2 should be 2 different documents.

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