Mechanical Principles

Directions:  Using a sport which you are familiar, discuss the principles and concepts of different movements/actions in that sport relating to stability, motion, leverage, and then force.  I recommend 5+sentences for each discussion if you expect a good grade.Note 1:  Chose a specific movement/action from your sport that would represent “stability”, then explain in good detail how/why it is a “stability” movement/action.  Now, do the same thing with a specific movement/action for “motion”, “leverage”, and then “force”.  Separate all four parts into their own paragraph.  If you look up the definition of each principle in the textbook, it would help you to properly discuss a movement/action for your sport in terms of how it uses either stability, motion, leverage, or force.Note 2:  Drawings/pictures would help others to visualize what you are trying to explain.  You are welcome to draw or “google” pictures for each principle if you want to help aid in your descriptions. 🙂

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