Mental Health in the Community – 1000 words

Part 1:1. Go to the Healthy People 2020 website2. Search for the option in “M” for Mental Health and Mental Disorders and click into this option3. After reading the Overview section for Mental Health and Mental Disorders, click into the Objectives for this section.4. From the Objective section, pick TWO objectives/goals from the list that  affect a community (either  county, city, or state)5. Note the number of the TWO objectives chosen as well as the names and explain why these TWO were chosen related to the chosen community.6. As a nurse in this community, what can be done to help the community move towards these two objectives/goals? Use of first person is ok.Part 2:1. Explain how physical health and mental health are correlated. What impact does each have on the other?2. Give at least one detailed example of how either a specific physical ailment leads to a breakdown in mental health or how a specific mental health disorder can lead to physical issues. Be specific and detailed.Part 3:1. Explain Trauma Informed Care in detail.2. As a nurse, how can Trauma Informed Care be used to assist a child who has been impacted by trauma?

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