MGT 305 Three Different Functional Perspectives on Quality

write an essay in which you compare and contrast* THREE different functional perspectives on quality? In making your argument, make sure you define and explain these THREE perspectives as well as critically discussing their different views and focus.

Supply Chain Perspective – Engineering Perspective – Operations Perspective – Strategic Management Perspective – Marketing Perspective – Financial Perspective – Human resources Perspective.

*Compare and Contrast: To show the similarities and differences between two or more subjects. Discuss: To investigate and present the different aspects of a problem or subject, usually in support of a position or argument.

Your essay must have a minimum of three scholarly citations and references in addition to your textbook (i.e. a minimum of four references in total).

Your essay must define key terms such as quality and the specific perspectives you choose. The essay should give the reader a basic idea about quality and its importance.

more informations are in the file

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