How to write a good journal entry:1. Read the assigned materials2. In your journal, answer the questions by referring to the materials in your own words3. Tie the journal topics to either your personal opinion/experience, examples from other business, and/or examples from class4.Make sure you have read and understood the material, along with making connections to the reading**Please make sure to check your submission for accidental plagiarism.*** Carefully review the document:Anti-Plagiarism Guidelines – Use Citations and quotes for text quoted from web or other sources –Requirements of Journal Entry for Class 2(500 words):Read all the materials i posted below and answer the questions1. “Case: Apple Inc in 2020” — Historically, what have been some of Apple’s competitive advantages that help it create value? Describe 2 of them. What is Apple’s value proposition?2. “Becoming the Boss” talks about learning how to lead for the first time. It names five misconceptions of first-time managers. Which ones surprised you the most? Why? (Note that we are looking for your point of view here; there is not a single correct answer.)Class 2 Readings:1. Case: Apple Inc. in 2020 (reader)2. “Becoming the Boss” (reader)3. How To: Business Model Canvas Explained ( (Links to an external site.))4.“Purpose of a Corporation” (one-page pdf inModule 2on canvas)David B. Yoffie and Eric Baldwin, “Apple Inc. in 2018,” Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business School Publishing, Product No. 9-718-439, May 4, 2018, pp. 1-30.Linda Hill, “Becoming the Boss,” Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business School Publishing, Product No. R0701D, January 2007, pp. 1-11.

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