• Student’s need to find a recent economic news article that relates to the listed topic. The article should not be older than 60 days.

  • The article must be microeconomic, for example the article about a company or a product. Remember it is not macroeconomics.

• Student’s need to read, summarize, relate, and react to the news article.

• At least 4 pages

Economic Concept List: many concepts can apply to the article

• Demand and Supply and Market Equilibrium

• Elasticity

• Utility Maximization

• Marginal Analysis

• Opportunity cost

• Short run cost

• Long run cost

• Labor Market

• The Capital Market

• Public goods and Externalities

• Perfect competition

• Pure monopoly

• Monopolistic competition

• Oligopoly

• International Trade

• Economic Growth 

Sources: This is just a partial list of some sources I would encourage you to look at:

Newspapers: Wall Street Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Business Section or Main Section), The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, USA Today (Money Section or Main Section). The Boston Globe, The Arizona Republic, and The London Times

Magazines: The Economist, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, Money, Forbes, Baron’s, Inc., Business Week, Fortune, The New Republic, The National Review.

Grading Sheet

  • 15%: Title, source, and date of the News Article.
  • 15%: Summary of the News Article: Include facts, statistics, examples, and quotes to describe the authors main ideas.
  • 30%: Identify and define the concept: Explain what the concept is and how it is applied in the article. Be certain to use the concept correctly. Relate the concept to what we are studying in Economics.
  • 30%: Students Opinion: Some of the questions you might answer in your opinion are: Did you like or dislike the article? Whom does this article impact, and how are they affected by its contents? How does this article apply to your family or you? What did you learn that was new, interesting, or significant? If the article involves a change in policy, you should discuss the fairness issue. This section is very important to me. It lets me observe how you comprehending what we are learning.
  • 10%: Evidence of Preparation
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