Description/Requirements: Each student selects a technology (Microsoft SQL) for research, applies and integrates that technology into the business system, and analyzes and evaluates that technology. Technologies selected for research should contribute to the business model and be coordinated among group members

Technology Research Report – Microsoft SQL


The project paper is an individual work consisting of four main sections: (1) Personal Journal (2) Technology Research (3) Lessons Learned Each section must be preceded by a section title page.

Personal Journal Section: January 28-March 18

The personal journal is a chronological daily record of your experiences in the class. It will include notes on the early design decisions, project scope, and the steps followed to build the project system.

Lessons Learned Section:

This section will include both successes and problems encountered as well as details about their resolution – i.e. a section on “Lessons Learned”.

Technology Research Section:

The first page of this section should detail the functions you evaluated from your approved proposal-(see attached approved proposal)


The Technology Research Report must be a minimum of ten pages (15). . All papers must adhere to the following format and organization requirements:

Title Page (identify you as the author)-do not need

Table of Contents-not included in page count -do not need

Table of Figures-do not need

Executive Summary

BODY of the paper

Section Title Pages within the body of the paper

Section Headings

Appendix including:

  • Bibliography – texts and white papers
  • Web Site Resource Summary – URL, Site name, content summary, company or org.
  • Glossary of Terms

End Notes

Margins – Top/Bottom 1″ Left/Right 1.25

Numbered Pages

Figures Numbered

Header – Research Topic Title

Footer – page, course # and name

Diagrams, tables and Figures Numbered

12pt Arial or Garamond font

Double spaced

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