Middle Childhood

task 1If it were possible, would you want to return to this period of your life (i.e., middle childhood)?  Yes or No. (Please note the exact period for which you are referring.) Then, offer an explanation of why or why not.  Be sure to provide examples and rationale where necessary.Lesson 21.  Please identify and discuss the physical, cognitive, and social changes that take place during middle childhood. How are they different from the physical, cognitive, and social changes that take place during adolescence?  Can you think of some specific changes that you’ve gone through?  Provide some details here!2.What is the controversy surrounding diagnosing children? What are the advantages of early diagnosis and what are some of the disadvantages?What is the difference between Autism Spectrum Disorders and Learning Disabilities?3. Given what you know about development during this time period, what do you recommend parents do to promote their adolescents’ positive adjustment? Please explain your answer.4.  In what ways was your experience as an adolescent different from your parents’ experience of being an adolescent? How do you think adolescence may be different 20 years from now? Please explain your answer.

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