Mini Analysis Paper

I need help with a Art & Design question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

• The title and date of the image, also the name of the artist/image creator.

• Describe how you found the image (e.g.: what search terms you used)

• Explain why you selected this particular image (what attracted you to it, what is interesting about it)

• Write a visual analysis of the image. This is a detailed description of what you see in the image. Practice being as precise and descriptive as you can. Include colour, form and content of your chosen image. Consider how different parts of the image relates to other parts.

• Give an explanation of how the concept of “realism” applies to this image. What choices does the artist/image creator make to convey a sense of realism (e.g.: technique, colour, medium)

• Consider where you as the viewer, are situated in relationship to the image (i.e below the image, looking up at the subject). Does this enhance the sense of realism? Describe how/why.

• Consider how the concept of “realism” affects the meaning of this image. Try to describe how Realism adds meaning to the image, or helps you to understand what the image is about.

• Please be sure to incorporate specific concepts from Modules and readings in your essay. *Be sure to include the image or link to the image you discuss in your paper.

websites for help:;prevRouteTS=1561342251933 (this is the painting website . the information that u need you can check)

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