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Voting is one of the topics discussed in Chapter 7 of the assigned readings. You might remember, from Chapter 1, that the Founders did not embrace direct democracy at the federal level, but there it is also mentioned that at least some states have adopted forms of direct democracy for their states.

First, discover whether the state (WA) in which you are located (or reside, or claim as your residence), permits either the initiative and/or referendum process. If not, check the surrounding states to see if they do. (If you are still unable to find one, check with your instructor for guidance, or go to the National Conference of State Legislatures, and type in “initiative and referendum states” in the “Custom Search” box, and hit enter. Select on the option for “Initiative and Referendum States” which appears indicating that it is a chart of the states.)

Once you have found the information, describe whether the state permits the initiative process, the referendum process, or both. Also indicate whether the process(es) is/are found in the statute(s) or state constitution. Then, provide those citations for any/all. In addition, indicate whether whatever process(es) the state provides can change the state constitution, state statutory law, or both.

Next, read through the provisions and provide a summary of the necessary steps in the process required in order to get something on the ballot (e.g., must it deal with only one subject, how many signatures are necessary, do they need to be collected from various areas of the state, how long before the election must the signatures be verified/certified, who certifies them, etc.). Also, is this a direct or indirect process?

Finally, what do you think of the process(es) (i.e., are you supportive of this/these method(s) or not, and why), and do you (or even those you come across in your research), have problems with how the system currently operates that should be changed, and/or any proposed alterations for improvement (together with why).

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