Module 02 Course Project-Initial Thoughts

Jana is a 4 year old girl. During the summertime, Jana’s mom works from home in order to provide childcare for Jana and her older sister Jolena, who is seven. Over the past few months, Jana has been displaying some challenging behaviors.

She talks a lot and ignores any and all requests to be quieter or stop talking.

She climbs on top of tables and counters and it seems she is always getting into something, even when told not to.

She often laughs because she thinks it’s funny when the adults get frustrated with her.

It’s a new school year and Jana is returning to the home daycare that she attended during the previous school year. The daycare provider has noticed that those behaviors persist in the home daycare setting.

In a 1-2 page paper, given the information provided above, address the following.

Discuss what you think might be going on with Jana, in general, and give at least two (2) reasons that you think might be causing her to behave this way

Choose two developmental domains (PILES) that you think she needs some support with, Explain why you chose those domains and how you would help Jana out with regard to those areas

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