Module 2

The Development of Philosophy/ How did it begin?The Different types of Philosophy (Ethics)The Role of Greek Mythology in the Development of Philosophy /Zeus and the Gods/FateWho were Socrates, Plato and AristotleThe Concept of Secular Humanism (based on Human Ideas))The Concept of Judeo-Christian Tradition ( based on God’s Revelation)The Concept of Divine Revelation ( Old Testament and New Testament)The importance of  the Covenant in Judaeo-Christian Tradition a contract between God and ManThe Concept of Religious Theory PhilosophyTypes of Belief Systems: Atheist, Agnostic, Theist, Monotheism, PolytheismConcepts of Morality / Moral, Immoral, Amoral, Non MoralETHICAL THEORIES IN SECULAR HUMANISMThe Theory of DeterminismThe Principle of Universal CausationThe Physical,Biological,Historical,Social/Economic,and Psychological forms of Determinism.Who wrote these theories? What is their significance relative to Determinism?The Theory of Behaviorism/Author/Significance?The Theory of RelativismThe Theory of Cultural RelativismThe Theory of Situation EthicsThe Theory of UtilitarianismThe Theory of EgoismETHICAL THEORIES IN JUDEO-CHRISTIAN TRADITIONThe Theory of Freedom (The Concept of Man’s Free Will) What does it mean?The Concept of the PassionsThe Development of Conscience must be Informed and Enlightened/ Explain?Moral Responsibility is based upon our Freedom to Choose/ Explain?The Theory of AbsolutismThe Theory of Cultural Absolutism

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