Module 3 SLP

For this SLP assignment, you will prepare a 5-minute video, a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over, or a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes.

Visit two large retailers (e.g., Target and Walmart) near you. (Please note: If you are in a location that does not have large retailers nearby, choose two competing retailers with whom you are familiar. If you have any concerns, please contact your professor for approval of your choices.)

Walk around the stores and make note of the components of the marketing mix (the 4 P’s) and what types of marketing and buying behaviors you observe. Prepare a 5-minute video or a PowerPoint presentation with photos (at least 6 slides) and voice over comparing and contrasting the marketing mixes of the two retailers. You want to convey to the viewer the look and feel of the different retail experiences. Concentrate on “who, what, when, where, and how.”

Keys to the Assignment

  • Your presentation should be professionally prepared, as if you were making a presentation to your boss.
  • PowerPoint presentations must include voice-overs and/or speaker notes.
  • Explain your analysis using terminology and concepts introduced in this module.
  • Include a title page and reference sheet with your assignment submission.
  • Cite all sources and provide a reference list using APA format.
  • Presentations should be edited and error-free.
  • Submit your assignment to TLC by the due date for this module.
  • For instruction on writing papers, citing sources, proper referencing, and so forth, use Trident University’s Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper.


SLP Assignment Expectations

Your paper will be evaluated using the criteria as stated in the SLP rubric. The following is a review of the rubric criteria:

Assignment-Driven: Does the paper fully address all aspects of the assignment? Is the assignment addressed accurately and precisely using sound logic? Does the paper meet minimum length requirements?

Critical Thinking: Does the paper demonstrate graduate-level analysis, in which information derived from multiple sources, expert opinions, and assumptions has been critically evaluated and synthesized in the formulation of a logical set of conclusions? Does the paper address the topic with sufficient depth of discussion and analysis?

Business Writing: Is the essay logical, well organized and well written? Are the grammar, spelling, and vocabulary appropriate for graduate-level work? Are section headings included? Are paraphrasing and synthesis of concepts the primary means of responding, or is justification/support instead conveyed through excessive use of direct quotations?

Effective Use of Information: Does the submission demonstrate that the student has read, understood, and can apply the background materials for the module? If required, has the student demonstrated effective research, as evidenced by student’s use of relevant and quality sources? Do additional sources used provide strong support for conclusions drawn, and do they help in shaping the overall paper?

Citing Sources: Does the student demonstrate understanding of APA Style of referencing, by inclusion of proper citations (for paraphrased text and direct quotations) as appropriate? Have all sources (e.g., references used from the Background page, the assignment readings, and outside research) been included, and are these properly cited? Have all sources cited in the paper been included on the References page?


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