Each Question Needs To Have atleast 125 Words and Great Detail

1. The Romantic Era featured two competing philosophies about how music should sound. In your opinion, who was more “right”, the Conservatives or the Radicals? Give some reasons.

2. Just about anything goes in this unit. Debussy, Stravinsky, and Schoenberg represent three very different approaches to expanding the frontier of music in the early 20th Century. Audiences were certainly shocked by some of their works. Nearly 100 years later, they are still challenging audiences today. What is your initial reaction to these examples?

3. The Post-WWII avant-garde went even further that the first modernist generation by challenging the very definition of music. After watching the John Cage examples (4’33” and Water Walk) and answer this question: Is it music? Why or why not?

4. You’ve now completed the course. What are your thoughts about all of this music and how it has evolved over the centuries? Can you see the very real connections of Western Art Music to the kinds of popular music that you listen to on a daily basis? For example, could there have been The Beatles without Bach or Beethoven?

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