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Narrative Life of Fredrick Douglass

Few souls born as independent, the most important deed in them, they seek for the knowledge and winds which below against them will become motivation for them. This is only because their souls communicate with their body to make them independent. Fredrick Douglass is one of the souls among them who had their dreams and nature helped them to become independent. American land from 14th century when Columbus had discovered the America and established Spanish colonies was not easy dream for the color people. Similarly other powerful nations like English German and French also come to these lands and build the competition between the colonies. The reason of this competition was to create a strong market for the products which can be sold to deliver the benefit to the people of upper hands not Blacks. Ships sailed into the Atlantic Ocean carrying the black people as slave these slaves were regardless of the gender. The early life of Douglass is one of the story behind the greed of man for having slaves and their children as slaves especially in white people they do not accept their children from the black women (Douglass 1845) and they these women for increasing the slaves hence their father is the master and blacks had no right to ask anything.

The black had no rights to educate their selves for the beginning of his life was totally in darkness he had passed the early duration his life before arriving to Baltimore from the company. He was living with his Master (his father) who sold him to another master, which was great journey for him for his career during education. His first teacher was a humble lady (Douglass 1845); wife of his new master who taught him first three letters when she come to know about Douglass that he is not educated do not know how to read. Same time his master husband of his teacher scold him not to teach the black people “if you give them inch they will take ell” these were the words which he mentioned to his wife. Douglass come to know about this and made his mind to educated himself as he never wanted to accept the slavery. Hence his husband also mentioned that if these people become educated they will stop working for us. These were more strong words for Douglass to understand his sources of his liberty hence; he had made his mind after learning about first three letters from his mistress.

His life in Baltimore is quite easy then the plantations on which he used to work hence he had first learn from the children of white people by through them a challenge behind this challenge his focus is to learn from them hence he had come to know about many thing by this strategy for reading the alphabets. The writing strategy he adopted is to fill the book of mistress son who goes to school for education hence, Douglass copy the words from his master son notes which made him enough capable for the writing. This is the way he comes to know reading and writing as he considers education is one of source for his liberty. While he life is totally scare from the events he seen on the plantation one more reason he had adopted that if he is unable to defend himself he will be murder of killed by any white. He used to read a conversation between the master and the runaway slave in which he finds that if a person he quick in argument and being patient it will be the another sources for saving the life hence he keep reading this conversation again and again as he fear of his murder. This activity made him more critical in thinking and argumentative as he understand it very well and do analysis of that book. This book is originally for the white people to avoid from the betraying slaves.

Douglass run away to north as he come to know about the way of independence from the two boys very early when he come to Baltimore but before he run away he educate himself as he fear from being captured by any of the white people so when he feel enough good in position he run away and made his successful life. He was not ordinary slave or he does not have ordinary thinking as many slaves had. He mentioned that most of the black people are killed due to their weakness in the arguments and education. He secured enough education and he had skills to handle the white people, which give him confidence for his liberty.

Douglass, Fredrick. “Narrative life of Fredrick Douglass.” By Fredrick Douglass, 2-3. Boston : The Anti-Slavery Office No. 25 Cornhill , 1845.

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