Write a creative story. It might be a report of a real experience (creative nonfiction) or it might be imaginary (fiction). It might be somewhere between the two (which is still called fiction). The story will have a beginning, middle, and end, and your first draft will be approximately 800 words. Let me re-emphasize something here that is sometimes troublesome: The story must have an end. Don’t start typing your magnum opus future dystopia trilogy and then hand me the beginning of chapter one on the day it’s due. Write a complete story that takes 800 words to tell.

There are three limitations to what you write about.

  1. Do not write stories that mock or belittle other students, faculty, or staff at the college.
  2. Do not write stories that condone hate speech or hate crimes.
  3. And, for my sake, please do not write stories about people getting chased around by monsters. I’m tired of reading those. Please also note that I consider human monsters to be part of this: someone stalking a person on the way home, serial killers, etc. Even writing this, I am already bored
  4. Sometimes stories can tackle sensitive or intense subject matter. This is okay. However, do take a moment to consider that we will be doing a peer review of these stories, and other students will see your work. Subjects that might be interesting to you might be traumatic to others, who may have a personal history of injury around the topic you’ve chosen. I appreciate it if the author can make a note of this at the top of the page. Something like, “This story contains a scene of graphic battlefield violence,” can help.Furthermore, if you feel uncomfortable reading a story, you can pass on peer reviewing it. I want people to be able to write the stories that are important to them, and I also want to respect the boundaries of the audience. Hopefully, we can accomplish both.
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