Choose a New York City icon and write about what makes this icon a symbol of New York City. This should be something that is closely associated with the city and would be reasonably recognizable. You can write about a person, place or object. For example, you may choose a building, like the Seagram’s Building, Madison Square Garden or Bellevue. Perhaps you want to write about NYC pizza or bagels. Maybe you love the sight of yellow taxi cabs, the lights of Times Square or the Thanksgiving Day Parade? Questions I would like your research and writing to address are: • How has history informed the development of your icon? • How would you use your icon to describe to someone what was happening in New York City at the time it was created/started? • How has time (or technological developments) changed it (or not)? Has time or technological developments changed who consumes or uses it? • Why is it so well known? • Is it positive or negative for New York City to be associated with this symbol? • Does it mean different things to different people? • Is this icon more or less popular or well known than it used to be? • Are there notable references in pop culture (i.e. the New York Public Library in the original Ghostbusters) or high culture (i.e. Avenue Q references to Sondheim lyrics) to your icon? • Has there been any controversy over your icon?

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