Module 7: In 600 wordsThe instruction says it is related to module 2, so please see the attached Melnyk PowerPoint and the discussion question and the response you provided to me from module 2. Please cover all questions appropriately and use in-text citations. All references used must have in-text citations.Discussion Board Question:1. The topic for this week is dissemination of research and evidence for practice. Often visualizing how you might share your work in the future may assist in giving you ideas about the planning and conducting of your project so you will have what you need when ready to share.  It may help you think ahead about your future audience. Share at least three of the ways you may consider disseminating your findings when your DNP project is completed on a local, regional and national level. (Related to MO2). I HAVE ATTACHED THE QUESTION AND WHAT YOU WROTE FOR ME IN THAT MODULE 2.2.  When integrating and sustaining EBP Melnyk (2019) stated it is important to know about the current barriers and find ways to eliminate persistent barriers in the work environment.A. Find one peer review article which discusses one of the four models of organizational change discussed in your Melnyk chapter readings;B. discuss ways to b1. create and b2. sustain an environment for EBP, andC. share the evaluative outcomes implemented by the authors.

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