Nonfiction Book Journal

This question is relating to the other assginment, i will have the same person do both!!

In this journal entry, write a letter to the author of the book you read. Your letter should include the following:

  • An introduction in which you recognize what you learned (re-learned) or how you were challenged as a result of reading this book.
  • One body paragraph discussing one idea that was not new to you but that challenged youto make a change or grow as a writer. Include at least one quotation from the text, explain the author’s idea, and discuss how and why the idea challenged you to grow.
  • One body paragraph discussing one notion that you found surprising or powerful. Include at least one quotation from the text and explain how and why this idea was surprising or powerful for you. Explain how your writing or thinking will be shaped as a result of being exposed to this idea.
  • One body paragraph discussing how the ideas on writing will shape how you read other authors’ writing. Include at least one quotation from the text and explain how these writing insights will help you grow as a critical reader.
  • A conclusion in which you discuss what you hope for in your writing and specific ways in which you hope to grow as a writer.
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