Week 04 Learning Activity – Fishbone Tool for Root Cause AnalysisObjectives:Using the cause-and-effect diagram, also known as an Ishikawa diagram or ‘Fishbone Tool for Root Cause Analysis – Cause and Effect Diagram’ helps examine and visualize the causes contributing to a certain effect.Instructions:Use the Fishbone Tool for Root Cause Analysis tool (PDF), follow the instructions to create a      document with an ‘effect’ you wish to accomplish. Then draw lines where you fill out five or six categories of causes for the ‘effect’ you want (Fishbone Tool in MS Word).It is possible you will have several of these documents for the several effects you want to accomplish for your QI Project.WatchCause & Effect Diagrams (5:15) In this presentation, Robert Lloyd, Director of Performance Improvement at IHI describes cause and effect or fishbone diagrams on “his trusty whiteboard”.Week 4: Required ReadingsNash, Joshi, Ransom, & Ransom: Chapters1,3, & 5.ASQ. (2020). Learn about quality. The 7 basic quality tools for process improvement. American Society for Quality.Brady, P. W., Tchou, M. T., Ambroggio, L., Schondelmeyer, A. C., & Shaughnessy, E. E. (2018,      June). Displaying      and Analyzing Quality Improvement Data. Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society, 7(2), 100-103.IHI. (2021). Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit. IHI Open School.IHI. (2021). Understand Variation in Data. IHI Open School.Content in weeks LessonIHI. (n.d.). Cause and Effect Diagram. IHI Open School. (Video)IHI. (n.d.). Control Charts (Part 1). IHI Open School. (Video)IHI. (n.d.). Control Charts (Part 2). IHI Open School. (Video)IHI. (n.d.). Flowcharts (Part 1). IHI Open School. (Video)IHI. (n.d.). Flowcharts (Part 2). IHI Open School. (Video)IHI. (n.d.). Pareto Analysis. IHI Open School. (Video)IHI. (n.d.). Run Charts (Part 1). IHI Open School. (Video)IHI. (n.d.). Run Charts (Part 2). IHI Open School. (Video)Reflective JournalSeparate groups: Group AThe Reflective Journal is a place to write short reflections that are posed during the course in Lessons and elsewhere. These are private between student and instructor and allow a non-formatted space for reflecting about your weekly learning and help you realize how you have changed based on the learning you have accomplished during the course.Please make sure to enter a “Heading” for each reflection that your are entering to keep them separate.Please be honest about your reflections as these should be your actual thoughts not regurgitation of textbook content.

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