NURS3222 HBU Leadership In Nursing Research Paper Assignment

In addition to the instructions attached below, I am required to write and Essay on LEADERSHIP IN NURSING.

– Introduction of the Essay

-Write 1 paragraph Summary and 1 paragragh Evaluation for each of the following:

1. Journal Article (I have attached the link and pdf format of the article)

2. Book (summarize and evaluate only chapter ONE of the book titled “The New Leadership Challenge, creating the future of Nursing fifth Edition)

3. Website (summarize and evaluate in relation to the topic) NB: I have attached the link to the website for your review.

– Conclusion of the essay (One paragraph)

– Reference page

NB: I have also attached the GRADING RUBRIC. The instructor wants to see proper APA citation within the paper. The whole essay should be 8 paragraphs (1 paragraph INTRODUCTION, 1 paragraph CONCLUSION, BODY contains 6 paragraphs( 2 for Journal article, 2 for Book and 2 for website). I need this paper done and sent back before FEBRUARY 20th at NOON. This is EXTREMELY URGENT

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