The topic is CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE.1. Together develop a power point that reviews the following:Brief overview of the selected disease.How does nutrition relate to the disease process?Include basic nutrition facts.Recommendations for the patient.List at least 3 methods you can apply to nursing practice.Reference slide that includes references in APA format 7th edition.Need it by Wednesday 3pm eastern time.Rubric1.Information organized and placed in a   logical sequence(10 points)2.Demonstrated knowledge of nutrition as it   relates to the disease process2a. Overview of   selected disease (10)2b. Basic   nutritional facts pertinent to the disease (15)2c. Recommendations   for patient (15)3.Discussed methods   to apply to nursing practice(20 Points)4.Visual aids professional, visually   interesting& aided in   understanding material (20 points)5.Reference slide   that includes references in APAformat (5)6.All group members   contributed equally to project (5)Total points   possible = 100

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