400-600 WORDS APA FORMATReflection Assignment: StrategyThe purpose of this exercise is to broaden your view of strategic thinking using the following steps:Make 2 pairs of topics that in  your opinion offer the highest impact to organizational strategy. (Select   4 statements from below and make 2 pairs.)Discuss how these matches might  impact organization alignment based on the references provided.Link 2 references to each pair  made. Why does this piece of research support or contradict your      concepts?The following are the statements from which to select to formulate a pair:Bring clarity and agreement on   mission and visionHelp organizations prepare for  the futureStrategic planning that  involves the entire organizational systemHelp organizations anticipate and manage changeProactive response to change in  the environmentImprove the decision-making processesPromote effective stewardship and employee engagementAlign the board and staffAlignment of organizational resourcesTime management and deadlinesProvide an opportunity to recommit to the causeEducate participants about  institutional historyIdentify existing strengths in the organization

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