one page due by 10 hours

Hello        below is what was asked of and attached is what i turned in. let me know if you have any question. Thanks”The length of the assignment is 1 page, double-spaced.  However, as long as you fulfill the objectives laid out below, the length is not important.  The term paper itself will be ten pages, double-spaced, 2,500 words minimum.The goal of this proposal assignment is for you to tell me what you would like to write about in your term paper.  You can choose a subject from any of the class topics, including those on the syllabus that we have not yet covered.  If you would rather write about environmental project management than environmental law, please feel free.  Once you have chosen a subject and told me about it, provide some information about why it is of interest to you and why it should be of interest to me and the rest of the class.As part of the proposal, find two articles or other resources that you will likely use as references in your term paper.  Cite those articles in APA style at the end of your proposal.As always, feel free to ask any questions.  I am deliberately leaving this assignment fairly open-ended, as I do not want to influence your creative process more than necessary.  However, I will be happy to clarify anything that is unclear.In Summary:1-page term paper proposal for a 10-page paper due at the end of the semester.”

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