for this assignment please respond to the following with meaningful feedback.Please respond with 250 words 12 font times roman:

One way to understand precede the ongoing conflict between North Korea and the United States is through the individual level of classical realism needs to be taken into consideration. This variant focuses on the individual’s intensions and motivations of what they are trying to do. For example Donald Trump wants to show his country that illegal citizens are not welcomed because they only bring violence and Mr. Trump wants provide more jobs for people by rebuilding. His intensions may seem strict but they are nothing compared to North Korea. At least the United States is democratic where power is exercised through the justice system, so our citizens get a far saying before going into war or sending trooping out to other countries.

However, when we judge North Korea we say that they are ran by a Kim Jong-un dynasty that are communist. North Korea has no political systems whatever Kim Jong-un says goes. Lately we have been noticing that North Korea has been testing a lot of nuclear weapons to show off towards the United States that they have more power. I believe that what Donald Trump is doing is right, because by reinforcing our military we are showing other countries that we have money to spend on war if it is needed. It is in the Presidents hand in war is needed because we will not let other countries taught us by showing off there cool new toy. Both individuals need to sit down in a room and come up with a peace treaty that prevents the practice of nuclear weapons because in the end its only going to make things worst by harming our environment.

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