Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation with speaker notes that includes discussion of the following:

  • A brief biographical overview of two contemporary authors associated with historically marginalized groups
  • An examination of the themes and subjects of your two selected contemporary authors with discussion of specific works from each; how does their work oppose marginalization?
  • An examination of one to two groups that may be categorized as “marginal” and writers associated with these groups. Remember that non-fiction writers, such as bloggers and essayists, may be strongly represented in these groups.

Refer to your Week 4 readings and videos as resources for this assignment. If you would like to perform additional research, consider using the Bloom’s Literature, Literary Reference Center Plus, or Literary Resource Center databases. Links to these databases are available on your Week 4 Electronic Reserve Reading page.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Reference Reading:…

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