Organisational Security

You have to write same as i upload the word file essay template, please follow and please u have to watch the video its a game , you have to write on this way fugal company.You have written in this point basis and explanation, write 10/15 references and website ,article links, harvard references, plagarism should not be more than 10% please make sure .Information security is vital to all of Fugle’s operations1. Introduction describing Fugal2. Information systems and their assets3.Risks to these assets4.Legal and ethical considerations5.Conclusion1500 words What are the security issues in the information systems present in the profession or academic field you are interested in. Start by describing the information systems of the organisation describe the most important threats and summarise the legal and ethical issues involved.please go to the web link, the link is that fugal company,there is a video game,you have to play the video then every time you have to click one option then based on the option its automatically play, at the end of the game you know the fugal company and what mistake they did, what technology they used, and how,you have to write about fugal company, reference and citaion must. to this side Article that is similarMarketing Information Systems and Security RisksAccording to Weller (2017) the big risk for this system is someone hacking into customer information stored in a system. A well known case of this happening was with Uber. There are also legal and ethical issues around the data stored by Marketing because “information about shopping history, social media presence, behaviour and attitudes could prove too invasive for many consumers’ (Weller 2017).Accounting Information System and SecurityAccording to Bawaneh (2014) the key security issue for the Accounting Management System is fraud. This is where accounting reports give false information or assets are misappropriated. Strong internal controls are needed to protect the business from this kind of activity.HR Information Systems and Information SecurityAccording to Zielinski (2019) there are five important issues that HR systems are dealing with at the moment. These include1. Artificial intelligence bots which appear to be collecting data from existing or possible employees2. Emails targeting employees3. Mobile devices4 Mistakes made using internal software devices.5. Lack of control over data access.A similar article is Foxall (2018) if Zielinski is not available.Product Development Information SystemSecurity for the development of a product is crucial to organisational success. Dangers include employees or suppliers leaking information to media or competitors. As products become more connected to the internet cyber attack is an increasingly possible issue. A second security issue is the avoidance of costly human error in the development of the product.Forbes Technology Council (2018) claim that the key to good security is incorporation of security testing from the beginning to end of the product development life cycle. They provide 15 strategies to ensure this.

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