Answer these discussion questions with each a minimum of 175 words

1. Provide an example of how you could apply the 3-Step Approach to solve an ethical problem you are experiencing at work or have experienced at work (current or former workplace). Minimum 175 words 

2. Assume it is time for you to give an annual performance review to one of your employees who failed to achieve his performance goals for the year. How will you determine the root cause for the employee’s performance deficiencies? Minimum 175 words

3. How do perceptions of inequity influence employee motivation? Minimum 175 words

4. Describe the personality factors and other individual differences that you think are important to being a successful team member of: (1) a traditional work team; (2) a self-managed team; and (3) a virtual team. Minimum 175 words

5. How can a firm decide what type of organizational structure is best suited for its strategic needs? Minimum 175 words

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