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“The Marriage Contract, 1761″ by Jean-Baptiste Greuze Page # 496”

This assignment is intended to act as a substitute for classroom discussion on topics related to art appreciation and personal responses to works of art. This discussion is in the spirit of academic discourse. It should be interesting to read art critiques posted by your colleagues and to hear their personal responses to works of art from the textbook. Please be mindful of your tone when responding in writing. Differences of opinion is acceptable; derogatory statements are not acceptable.

Students will compose an original art critique using the terminology from Part I in our textbook. Suggestions for writing a formal analysis and a sample art critique are included here. Students are encouraged to review the processes of Formal and Combined Analysis on pages 178 -192 and 44 -45 in Gateways to Art. Each critique must include four terms total from the elements and principles of art to receive full credit (see page 47). Students are also encouraged to include a personal response to their critiqued work of art.

Suggestions on Writing an Art Critique

1) Create an Outline*:

I. Introduction

A. Work of Art and overall description**

B. Personal reason for choosing work of art

II. Elements of Art

A. Identify element and how it is used

B. Identify element and how it is used

C. Option to continue with more elements

III. Principles of Art

A. Identify principle and how it is used

B. Identify principle and how it is used

C. Option to

continue with more principles

IV. Conclusion

A. Wrap up of the usage of the elements and principles

B. Personal response (reason for choosing this work of art

expanded, etc.)

2)** I encourage students to describe the work of art as if the reader did not have an image of it. Be specific in the overall description.

3) Be specific in your description of how the elements and principles of art are utilized in the composition. Specific comments show that you understand the definition of the art vocabulary and looked at the work of art carefully and thoughtfully. Even if you might feel you are “stating the obvious”.

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