Please type your answers to the following 2 questions. Take time to reflect on your answers before writing and be sure to answer the questions completely.. Use the back side of this page as your cover page.

l) Recall the discussion we had on asking “why” we establish rules for children. List 3 rules that you are using or would use with children in your classroom. Think about your rules and how they apply to the article “How Institutional Are Which area from the article applied co each of your three rules? l) Exuberance Spontaneity 2) Individuality 3) Personal Property and 4) Time. Are each of your three rules really necessary? Explain why or why not.

2) In class you were given a paper with a table that represented the attributes of three different approaches to working with young Children. It listed the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, The Project Approach and the Traditional Model. The three components it compared were: Image of the Child, Role of the Teacher and Curriculum. You were asked to check the boxes that most apply to your philosophy of teaching. Which of the three approaches most resounds with your philosophy of working with young children? Explain your l) Image of the Child 2) Role of the Teacher and 3) curriculum.

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