Personal Professiond Development Plan

My personal development plan is Using technology to enhance instruction in special education classrooms.

create a plan for achieving that goal. Also, consider and include how this goal might relate to our Kellough and Jarolimek textbook regarding the teacher’s professional responsibilities. How does your goal tie in to what you feel the Lord is calling you to do in your life?

To complete this assignment, please provide:

  • An introduction that explains why you are interested in pursuing this personal professional development goal
  • Research about the topic you have chosen
  • A plan of how you could personally implement strategies to achieve the goal, including:
    • Any necessary costs or other challenges that you would have to overcome or accommodate for your plan
    • A proposed timeline for implementation
  • A minimum of 3 resources in current APA format
  • Use of professional writing (no errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, conventions, usage, etc.)
  • Sufficient length of 4–7 pages, double-spaced
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