Professor and class,

The Cold War was an ideological confrontation between the Liberal Democratic, Capitalist,Free
Market Economy West (led by USA), and the Totalitarian,Communist, Command Economy
Eastern Bloc (led by the Soviet Union).
Each side wanted to impose their social model as the dominant one globally.
The Cold War began as WW2 ended; Stalin didn’t keep promises made at the Yalta Conference
(February 1945) about holding free elections in countries occupied by the Soviet Army at the
end of WW2. Instead, pro Russian Communist puppet governments were set up in these
countries by force. USA therefore decided that Stalin and the Soviet Union couldn’t be trusted.
USA refused to share A-bomb technology with the Soviet Union.This scared the Russians, who
thought the USA might launch a nuclear attack on Russia while they still had a monopoly on
such weapons. Stalin therefore decided USA couldn’t be trusted.

  • What type of personal relationship did President Truman have with Stalin as compared with President Roosevelt (FDR)?
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