Personality & Self-Concept, Personal SWOT Analysis- 2 assignments

Assignment 1:Personality and Self-ConceptFor this assignment, provide an initial self-reflection that discusses your own strengths as well as areas you feel you may need to improve. Consider how these aspects of your personality and self-concept will allow you to improve your skills in a future leadership role.Specifically, the followingcritical elementsmust be addressed:I.Strengths:Discuss the aspects of your personality and self-concept that serve as a particular strength as you consider your future leadership opportunities. Why are these important to you and to others you may be leading?II.Areas of Improvement:Conversely, what aspects of your personality and self-concept may lead to difficulties in your future work as a leader? What areas of improvement have you identified?This assignment should 1 page in length.It should use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA style.The assignment above will help with completing the next assignmentSWOT Analysisbelow.THEN COMPLETE:Assignment 2:SWOT AnalysisFor this assignment, complete theSWOT Analysis Template(attached) and write a brief reflection on a component of this analysis that you found most interesting. The SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis will help you determine more information about where your additional strengths and weaknesses lie. In addition, the SWOT analysis can help you identify opportunities that you may not have otherwise known about in addition to helping you understand weaknesses and eliminate threats that could keep you from moving forward.When completing the SWOT analysis template,create a list of at least four bullet points, in complete sentences, for each component.Specifically, the followingcriticalelementsmust be addressed:SWOT Analysis: The SWOT analysis will help you determine more information about where your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats lie and how these components relate to a role in leadership. Your answers in the SWOT analysis template must address in complete sentences:I.Strengths: Address how your personality strengths could benefit you in a leadership role.II.Weaknesses: Address potential weaknesses in your personality as a leader and how your temperament, character, approach to conflict, and/or attitude about taking on a leadership role may be areas for improvement or change.III.Opportunities: Address opportunities you could take advantage of, based on your strengths you have provided.IV.Threats: Address the external or unexpected threats that may impact your leadership, including how you could be using your strengths you have listed to guard against these threats.V.Reflecton a section of the SWOT analysis, and include what you found most interesting about it.VI. ONE-paragraph (150–200 words) reflection on what was most interesting to you in filling out the SWOT analysis.Your assignment should include thecompleted SWOT analysis template, listing at leastfour bullet points, using complete sentences for each component.In addition, this assignment should include a one-paragraph (150–200 words) reflection on what was most interesting to you in filling out the SWOT analysis.

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