This project requires you to write an essay. You will be evaluated on your ability to: ü Compose persuasive writing ü Use appropriate research materials to support content ü Develop body paragraphs that support your thesis ü Illustrate correct academic research documentation per APA standards.

For the essay, students will use effective components of persuasive writing. Students should incorporate approximately three outside resources to into their final project.

Write the essay:

  1. Determine your stance and construct a thesis statement that will reflect the focus of your essay. This thesis will drive your ideas.
  2. Find two academic resources that support your stance.
  3. Find one academic resource that counters your position.
  4. Follow the writing process to construct a 5 page persuasive essay that explains the “why” of your position and acknowledges the counter position.
  5. You must include a Reference Page, but it does not count as one of the pages.
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