PHIL-intro to ethics

Can modern societies still be held accountable for what their nation did in the past? Do we have any moral obligation towards future generations? Why? Explain.Drawing concepts from the topics learn in the class, write  on the above topic. Provide arguments for your position. Be consistent.Writing Tips:*Remember to write in formal style and check your grammar. Paragraphs are 3-6 sentences long.*Avoid platitudes. Avoid personal anecdotes unless they support your argument.Aim at writing SUFFICIENTLY. Never assume that your reader knows the concepts or thoughtexperiments– explain it.*Read your paper out loud to catch awkward, incomplete, or run-on sentences.*Use both descriptive and prescriptive statements in ethical arguments (see below).*Remember to follow structure: Explain the scenario before you give your arguments, and writeone topic per paragraph.*Fully explain your reasons. WHY is it right to be accountable? WHY can’t we be responsible? Becausesociety says so? Because your parents say so? Because it is the legal law? Because you “feel”that it is right in that situation?  Give arguments/ reasons for your beliefs.Tips In Professional Writing: Descriptive vs. Prescriptive statements.Use descriptive statements and prescriptive statements to explain the ethical dilemmas andexplain your arguments for your position.”Descriptive statements” describes facts, and can be true or false based on evidence.”Prescriptive statements” are statements that give a value judgement such as something beingright, wrong, good, bad, beautiful, yummy, etc.Note the difference in the following statements:*Descriptive statement: “Flipping the switch would kill one person.” “Pushing the man off thebridge would be murder.” “If you don’t flip the switch then five people die.” “Most people likechocolate ice cream.” “The Mona Lisa is in a museum in France.”*Prescriptive statement: “It is wrong to push the man off the bridge.” “It is wrong to flip theswitch to save 5 people.” “Chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla ice cream.” “The Mona Lisais a beautiful painting.”

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