Part 2: Write your comments (100 words each)

I wanted to elaborate on the 1916, 400yrs anniversary of slavery article. I loved the slide show, it is very creative and informative.  What grabbed my attention was the essay quote by Bryan Stevenson, who said “Slavery gave America a fear of black people and a taste for violent punishment. Both still define our prison moment.” For me, this quote is deep because the prison system is full of our black men who are looked at as barbaric, angry, threatening, fatherless human-beings. their ancestors were not only forced over here but taken from their loved ones, as well as whooped, beaten brutally, stuffed in holes for days, if not weeks at a time, but the saddest was the separation from their wives, and children. Could it be true that these unfortunate circumstances be in the DNA of our black men, women, and children today? We were separated and segregated so early on, thrown to live in povertish communities with no sense of hope or encouragement. I do not relate this to all blacks but if we go into the dark ghetto communities where there are those who never left and if we spoke to them we would realize that those before them had no hope and neither do they. The crazy thing is that the neighborhoods we find it hard to walk through and we avoid are the ones where the people need the most help so that they can gain their sense of hope back. Why does color define who we are? That is so yesterday.

I really enjoyed this class! everyone had a different perspective on what was going on in today’s society and it just opens up your walls of thinking when you see something from someone else’s perspective.  Thanks to the Class and to the Professor for making the class what it was:)


While this class made me think of a lot of uncomfortable moments in my life, I found it a very interesting class because it made me think and want to do something about how women, children, and men are often treated because of their gender, age, skin color and the list goes on. While I’m not a political person, this course made me feel I need to be more involved with it because it means breaking a broken system that is violating people’s human rights and still being called a great America. How can we be a great America if we’re taking parents away from their children, caging children, forcing women to accept that they are less than?

I could go on and on about the many social problems we’re facing in America and the around the world. I love that this course has got my eyes opened wider and my mind running in circles thinking about what needs to be done in order for everyone; man, woman, Black or White or any other nationality should all have equal rights. 

While I had lot’s going on that hindered me from being able to participate in a timely fashion, I am thankful that I was able to be a part of this class and interact with you all and getting a take on everyone’s views and opinions.

I Thank everyone for sharing their personal stories as it made it much easier for me to do so as well.

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