Photographer Daniel Kim

1/ Choose to answer one of the following:

Who is your favorite photographer and why? What is his/her best work?

What is the best logo you have seen in the market so far?

Name film(s) that may qualify as fine art. Explain your reason(s).

What is the best film title design you have ever seen and why?


Write a 3 paragraph minimum length . Remember to include in the title of your response the discussion topic you are responding to. 

Provide feedback (reply) to at least two of your class members (try to reply to the different forum topic). Your initial posting should be 3 paragraphs in length (minimum), while your reply posting should be at least one paragraph. 

Discussion: Unit 4 – Option 1 “Desire for Much versus Less is More” 

“Desire for Much versus Less is More”Directions

- View the videos and read the articles found at the links below on Charles Garnier’s Paris Opera (1860-1875) and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s German Pavilion for the Barcelona Exposition of 1929. Feel free to do more research by clicking on the bibliography links provided by these sites, or do your own Google searches on these two architects and/or buildings.

- Go to

– Click on the video andthe short “Garnier, Paris Opera”…

Charles Garnier’s motto to describe his design for the Paris Opera (aka Palais Garnier) was “Bramo assai, poro spero” (Desire for much, hope for little). Legend has it that he also described ornamentation on a building as akin to a lady’s rouge and lipstick (Trachtenberg and Hyman, Architecture from Prehistory to Postmodernity, Second Edition, p. 430). The Second Empire Beaux-Arts style he employed on the Opera is highly ornamental, inside and out. 
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s motto, on the other hand, was famously “Less is more,”as evidenced in his high Modern Barcelona Pavilion. He is also the architect responsible for later glass-curtain wall skyscrapers, such as his Seagram Building in NYC, Answer these questions under Discussion Forum “Unit 4”.

Which motto/design approach do you agree with?

Do you like a highly ornamented building or a simple, clear structure true to its form and materials?

Does it depend on the type of building it is, or the time period in which it was built?

Give an example to support your opinion – this can be a building or structure that you are familiar with in your own city, or a building you find on the internet.

Give the name and location of the building and include an image in your post.

5. In two separate posts, reply to your classmate – one with whom you agree, and one with whom you disagree, and point out any aspects of this discussion they may have missed in their posts. (“I agree/disagree with you; I like/don’t like your example” ARE NOT valid responses.)

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