Physician’s Practice Management Test Chapters 15-18, 20-21(11 Questions)

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Physician’s Practice Management Test Chapters 15-18, 20-21

**********11 Questions*****************

Question 1

The reception area should:

include a window in a wall with a bell to call for service.

include large, prominent signs that stress procedural rules and payment terms.

include counters high enough to be comfortable for a person of average height while standing.

allow a personal welcome from a caring member of the practice.

Question 2

The appointment desk should:

be combined with the reception area.

have acoustical separation from other areas.

provide space for departing patients to wait while new arrivals converse with the receptionist.

include counters high enough to be comfortable for a person of average height while standing.

Question 3

The two most immediate concerns for the practice manager undertaking a facility project are __________ of the project.

the materials and appearance

public acceptance and political support

control of the cost and time

the interior finishes and furniture

Question 4

Seating in the waiting area should:

be low and soft to provide as much comfort as possible.

have firm seats, at least 18 inches high, with fixed arms.

be fastened in place so that it cannot be moved.

consist of mostly large sofas.

Question 5

In __________ reimbursement systems, a physician or medical group is paid a fixed amount of reimbursement per member per month.



accountable care


Question 7

Which of the following types of compensation might offer a guaranteed base salary and incentives based on performance measures?

Individualistic model

Team-oriented model

Middle-ground model

Capitation model

Question 13

Which of the following statements is true regarding the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA)?

Both employers and employees have responsibilities under IRCA.

An individual worker is not required to present evidence of employment authorization and identity to his or her employer.

Independent contractors working in the healthcare industry are considered employees for purposes of the IRCA.

Volunteers working in the healthcare industry are considered employees for purposes of the IRCA.

Question 16

__________ are independent, objective, and systematic examinations of evidence for the purpose of providing an assessment of the performance of an organization, a unit within an organization, a function, or a program in order to improve accountability, efficiency and effectiveness, internal controls, profit, and decision making.

Operating policies and procedures

Risk assessments

Standards of conduct

Operational audits

Question 17

__________ should include updates on internal changes that have been made to the practice’s compliance programs.

Brochures and other materials written for patients

Media advertisements

Education and training

Compensation plans

Question 22

In a medical malpractice action, the standard of care must almost always be established through:

hospital bylaws.

the state licensure board’s rules.

the American Medical Association’s guidelines.

the testimony of expert witnesses.

Question 23

__________ is a legal doctrine that says a principal is liable for the negligence of an agent of that principal, when that agent is acting on the principal’s behalf and within the scope of his or her duties as the agent of the principal.

Vicarious liability

The locality rule

The Stark law

The “borrowed servant”

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