For this assignment, you will create an implementation plan for a contemporary public health issue initiative. Begin by selecting a contemporary health issue of your choice (e.g., global health threats, disease outbreaks, chronic diseases, natural or man-made disasters, health disparities, ethical concerns in public health, public workforce challenges).Next, in your implementation plan, address the components listed below.a) Describe the contemporary health issue that you selected as your introduction.b) Explain whether or not the issue is influenced by lifestyle choices.c) Discuss one initiative that you would want to propose in order to improve this contemporary health issue.d) Explain how you will ensure ethical consideration when designing the implementation plan for your initiative.e) List the various stakeholders, and describe what role each position might play in each phase of the implementation.f) Discuss the training and professional development needs of stakeholders.g) Include one leadership theory that supports your implementation plan.Your plan should be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. Support your plan with at least two peer review scholar articles from an Online Library. The assignment must follow APA guidelines.

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