Here are the links to a very well performed play. All you must do is watch the videos and answer the questions below in paragraphs. I do not want long plot summaries, 3 to 5 sentences is enough. I do want detail descriptions of the sets and costumes. Also, do not confuse actors and characters.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

How to Write a Critique for a Theatrical Performance

A critique is an evaluation of a performance of a show. It should contain five paragraphs.

1. Paragraph 1—The Basics

Include the answers to the five W’s:

Who (the playwright, directors, and actors

What (the title of the play)

Where (the name of the school or theater)

When (when did you see it?)

Why (In a few sentences, state the basic theme of the show)

2. Paragraph 2—The Plot

Briefly summarize the plot of the show:

Did you find the story interesting and convincing?

Which bits of the story worked best?

Did any moments stir your emotions – made you laugh, feel sad, or scared?

How did you feel about the characters?

Did the production seem to try to send the audience a message or make a

certain point? What was it?

3. Paragraph 3—The Acting

Reactions to the performers playing the characters in the play:

Use their real names and character names

Were they believable?

Did their voice, gestures, and body movement stay true to the character?

What things did the actors do to impress you ?

4. Paragraph 4—The Design


Give a brief description of the set.

Did it establish a definite mood and correct time period for the play?


Did they convey appropriate mood, emphasis, and brightness?

Costumes and Makeup:

Were they true to the period of the show and to the characters?


How did the sound effects and music contribute to the show’s mood?

If this performance was a musical, what is your opinion of the orchestra’s


5. Paragraph 5—The Reaction

In your opinion, was it a successful production?

Did it evoke the intended response?

Did it keep you interested and involve you with the characters?

What was your opinion of the show as a whole?

6. Remember to:

Back up all your opinions with valid reasons.

Be objective, fair, and sincere.

Evaluate the entire production.

Be constructive. Indicate good points along with those you felt needed


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