please answer base in this answer in APA format .Write at least 250 words , please answer the comments by number and list your answers please, thank you

1-In my own opinion, I think it is in the hands of the husband and wife to make the family function as one. I am from a polygamous family myself and we all tried to function as one even though there are sentiments within the family. My siblings and half siblings fought so hard to make everyone function as one. I am the third of sixteen children my father had, meaning I am role model and a mentor to my younger ones. I can say a polygamous family is in a way similar to couple who had kids in previous marriages in the sense that it involves women and half sibling trying to function as one. In the case of a couple with previous marriages have a great deal of responsibilities on them. Both husband and wife must be willing to totally accept the kids from previous marriages. Accepting and loving the kids from previous marriages will bring peace and harmony to the family.2-I agree, divorce is devastating. Children can have an extremely hard time adapting to their new home life. It is very import for the parents to establish some type of stability as well as frame work and guidelines, as you have stated. This will offer the children support and structure that is needed during the deveopmental years.3-Respect and understanding there will be difficulty is a great point to make when discussing role changes in a family.  Communication between parents and children in the case of divorce is also very important to help the children adapt to their situations.  Disruption of family because of death is also a situation when these same interventions come to mind; emotions run wild for all family members and coping is hard.  In these circumstances it’s important to focus on the members as individuals in their coping so that they are able to overcome and begin to function as a unit of the family again.

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