Please answer these 5 questions and read the chapters for it in the book.

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Flow is the optimal experience for Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Can you describe when you are in yourflow? Please give an example of different activities you are engaged in when you are in

a) “The Body in Flow” (physical flow),

b) “The Flow of Thought” (intellectual inquiry, mental flow), and

c) “Work as Flow”

What are you doing? How do you feel? Is there cross-over or overlap between these areas according to Csikszentmihalyi?

If you don’t currently feel flow in all three areas, are there additions you would like to make to your life to find that flow? What blocks you from finding your flow?

2. Why does Csikszentmihalyi believe that memorizing a poem or cluster of information that is personally meaningful to a person is a very worthwhile activity? Explain.

What poem or information will you commit to memorizing before the end of the term? How is it meaningful to you?

3. What does Csikszentmihalyi say about amateurs and professionals? What does he mean when he says that lifelong learning is intrinsically motivated?

In 4. Chapter 7, “Work as Flow,” Csikszentmihalyi writes “Serafina, Joe, and Ting are examples of people who have developed an autotelic personality.” Please explain what he means and how they developed autotelic personalities.

5. Please include five vocabulary words from the reading and their definitions.

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