Please read two articles and answer the questions in several sentences

Clif Stratton, “Energy and Politics before the Carbon Age,” 2017, 73-91

  • What are the author’s central arguments?
  • Provide at least three examples of how renewable energy sources and politics intersected before the onset of the industrial revolution in the 18th/19th centuries.
  • What is a proto-fossil economy?
  • Compare and contrast the role of the Chinese and English governments, respectively, in the development of proto-fossil economies prior to the industrial revolution.

Clif Stratton, “Energy, Politics, and Industrialization,” 2017, 92-111.

  • What were the key pre-conditions for Britain’s industrial revolution?
  • Once underway by the early 19th century, what social, economic, and political forces shaped the development of industrial production in Britain? Give specific examples.
  • How did energy factor into the industrial revolution? At what point and why did manufacturers adopt coal-fired steam power as industry’s prime source of power?
  • Once it spread, how did the industrial revolution impact other societies beyond Britain?

Please tell me where you can find the answer in the end, which page and which paragraph from the article.

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