Discussion Assignment. SUPER EASY.

Suppose you are a sociologist studying alleged police brutality. Construct two arguments: one proposing that you ought to be as objective as possible in your work, and the other suggesting that, while striving for accuracy, you should take a stand against any injustices which your research may uncover. Which position do you find more convincing? Why?

Rubric for Grading:

Understanding: displayed an excellent understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts, 2) Research: integrated relevant research to support responses, 3) Deadline: met the deadline, 4) Word count: a minimum of 150 words, 5) Writing skills: well-organized and contained grammatically correct sentences without any spelling errors.

In addition to these questions, I would like you to simply respond to 2 other students’ responses agreeing with them on something they wrote with consideration of other student’s point of view. This is simply agreeing with a total of 2 other students responses with a minimum of 100 words for each response.

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