Policy Analysis

Prepare a draft 4-6 page Policy Analysis (Section 5, part B), which must contain:

o Policy Evaluation (minimum of 3 subheadings)

o Impact on Community & Society

The policy analysis is 5-6 pages that serves as your literature review. You may organize this section in a way that is most meaningful to you, so subject headings may vary somewhat (but you must have subject headings!). Regardless of how you choose to organize your analysis, this section must include:

o Theoretical Framework (Part A) (ALREADY DONE)

 What criminological theories are useful in analyzing/understanding your policy? You must identify at least two theories you have learned about in prior courses (e.g., social control theory, deterrence theory, labeling, General Strain Theory, etc.) and apply them to your policy.

o Policy Evaluation

 Does your policy work, based on the definition of success you identified above? Why or why not? What does the empirical research about your policy reveal? Here your conclusions should be based on empirical evidence – statistics, patterns, trends, data, etc.

o Impact on Community & Society

 Does your policy have specific impact on particular community groups? Women, people of color, adolescents, gays and lesbians, immigrants, convicted felons, police officers, veteran/military personnel, urban residents, etc.? If so, what and why? Who benefits or suffers most from this policy?

I’ve attached what I already have done for reference and to write off of.

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